Real Estate

Real Estate


Richard has been investing in real estate for over 20 Years and holds a firm belief that property is the best asset to create wealth. Over the last 2 centuries, around 90% of all millionaires were created by investing in real estate and even in today’s digital world, people always need a place to live, work, study and play.

Investing in Real Estate offers:

  • Capital Appreciation – Real values always go up over time
  • Income – Real Estate assets provide income through rent payments
  • Stability – Real Estate is considerably less volatile than stocks
  • Leverage – Bank Finance is easily secured for property purchases, offering investors a route to create wealth faster than just using their own capital

By using bank finance to purchase property assets, you can benefit from capital appreciation on a significantly larger amount of capital than you currently have. When managed properly, your tenants rent payments should pay back the debt over time, allowing you to acquire a portfolio of real estate which can ultimately give you complete financial freedom with passive income.

There is a massive opportunity now for investors who adapt their mindsets to focus on new demands and evolving trends from younger generations. We can greatly improve how we develop and manage properties by integrating technology into our processes, including the way we purchase and sell assets. By developing technology to reduce inefficiencies and remove barriers to entry, we can help more and more people become successful real estate investors.

If you are an individual or institutional investor and would like to learn more about real estate opportunities the UK or Dubai, contact Richard today.