Value Based Sales Training

Value Based Sales Training


If you want to succeed in life, it is essential to master sales skills. Most people do not consider themselves salespeople, but we all sell everyday as a natural part of our lives. We are selling to our spouses that our choice of restaurant or movie is the best option, or selling a reason to our kids to behave and listen to us! If we are not effective at sales we cannot achieve our true potential in life or help people who need our products or services.

Many people see sales in a negative way, that you are perhaps pushing someone to buy something or bothering people with your product or service. The fact is – if you believe that you have a product or service which genuinely benefits and adds value to your prospective customer, it is your absolute duty to highlight those benefits and not allow your product or service to go unnoticed. By focusing on VALUE you can become a formidable salesperson whilst feeling great about helping your customers.

The key factors of a successful salesperson are:

  • Honesty – If someone cannot benefit from your product or service, don’t sell it to them
  • Listening – You can only understand what your customer needs by asking questions and listening
  • Persistence – If you believe in your product or service, don’t give up. Every NO is one step closer to a YES
  • Empathy – You need to understand and empathize with your customers situation, only then can you begin to offer a solution
  • Problem Solving – Salespeople solve problems, understand how your product or service can solve problems for your customers
  • Likeable personality – People buy from people they like! If you can’t enjoy the sales process, it won’t work
  • Hunger – All good salespeople are hungry for success, a burning desire to win stops you quitting when things get tough

Richard has trained hundreds of sales people and his value based sales process has helped companies in many different countries and industries to acquire better quality customers more easily and more often, whilst achieving referrals and repeat business.

If you want to achieve better results from your sales people, contact Richard for an initial consultation on how to add value to your sales process and present your product or service to your target customers more efficiently and effectively.