With a broad range of experience in many areas of finance including bonds, insurance, derivatives, commodities, venture capital and digital assets – Richard understands money and how to manage it effectively.

The most practical and important skill that all people should be equipped with before they embark on life after education is how to manage money. Schools unfortunately neglect this subject and as a result, most people go through life with little or no knowledge of how to generate wealth and they never achieve any real financial freedom. Richard’s hope is that younger generations can enjoy life with more abundance and less stress, becoming the masters of their own destiny rather than working for 30 years to pay a mortgage and live on a small pension income.

Richard’s 5 Key points to empower people through finance are:

  • Understanding leverage – there is good debt and bad debt, knowing the difference will make you rich
  • The Power of Compounding – this is the most powerful force on earth and utilising it with your money will help you achieve true freedom
  • Assets and liabilities – Being able to identify the difference is key to financial success
  • Passive Income – Earning money without working for it – how to create wealth which allows you to spend without becoming poorer
  • Living below your means – to create wealth you must invest in assets, in order to achieve this you must spend less than you earn so you have cash to work with

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